Back to work on 12th Jan, 2021, Chinese Lunar New Year
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  In the brand-new year, we are back to the struggling land with full passion. Early morning in our company, as colleagues say "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to each other, we are back to work!Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is not suitable for large numbers of people to gather.   In front of our office building, a simple opening ceremony was held in the sound of firecrackers. We sent best wishes to each other and took pictures. Employees sent a New Year greeting to the company leaders and received a red envelope in turn, which means to hope the new year will be smooth and prosperous. In this way, we sounded the clarion to move forward, let‘s seize the day and live it to the full in the new year. May the company be like the firecrackers resounding across the sky, with a blockbuster and excellent performance in business.

  The past year was unusual in the company‘s development. Under the impact of the epidemic, many companies were struggling. But all staff in Poojin are working together to overcome the difficulties, moved forward in the difficulties and develop in crises. We keep innovating, and we never stop the research and development. Enterprise culture, professional training and other undertakings continue to deepen with considerable development, presenting a stable economic development, the good situation like a harmonious and stable team, which is the solid foundation in future development for the company.

  Whether the warmth of family and friends gathering has not yet dissipated, whether the parents‘ instructions before leaving are still wandering, but the child has left homeland and started his own dream journey.
  Looking ahead, we have a long term way to go ahead, and we are full of confidence. Quoting a sentence from the General Secretary’s 2021 New Year’s message: "The journey is long, and there is only struggle." This year will be a year of economic stabilization and recovery, let’s seize opportunities together, keep struggling, and fight together to create a more brilliant future.

  Postscript: As a manufacturer of power inverter supplies for 11 years, we have received many product inquiries and orders from customers during the holidays. Each department processed new orders in an orderly manner since the first day we back to work. All members of Poojin will work hard to develop great quality inverters and solar off-grid power generation systems to satisfy customers and let consumers rest assured.