Poojin Electronics has won the title of “Guangzhou science and technology innovation small giant enterprise”
Time: 2018-02-27 Reads: 5905 Edit: Admin

 The Guangzhou City Poojin Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "Poojin Electronics") has won the title of Guangzhou science and technology innovation small giant enterprise with its first-class technological innovation strength and huge market development potential.

 This is a new milestone for Poojin Electronics in the path of technological innovation and development. At the same time, it reflects the high recognition and full affirmation of the government departments in independent innovation capability and core technology research and development capability of Poojin Electronics.

 Guangzhou science and technology innovation small giant enterprise refers to the research, production, development, sales and management process, through technical innovation, management innovation, service innovation and pattern innovation obtain core competitiveness, providing high technology products and services, with high growth and huge potential for development of science and technology innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises. The selection of "science and technology innovation small giant" enterprise is a comprehensive test of enterprise innovation ability and independent research and development ability.

  The selection of "small giant" enterprises is a comprehensive test of enterprise innovation ability and independent research and development ability. In recent years, Poojin Electronics has continued to carry out science and technology, research and development input, and increased technological innovation, and achieved remarkable results.

 Poojin Electronics with an annual average of 10% more than the sales revenue, the company is devoted to the research and development of new products, and has established the research and development platform of industry-leading technology, talent, experience and quality management. The product and technology research and development covers the whole series inverter and the solar power generation system.

 Poojin Electronics are dedicated to creating an open, integrated, efficient, safe and simple inverter and solar power infrastructure for our customers. We can not only efficiently provide customers with more abundant products and services, but also constantly simplify product management complexity and maintenance costs.


On the basis of inheritance and practice, Poojin Electronics continuing to carry out the process change and management optimization, while also invested heavily in the establishment of a product appraisal and testing center. We conduct extensive and in-depth cooperation with leading international research institutes and instrument manufacturers to conduct rigorous testing of pre-release R & D products in a full user environment to provide our customers with safer and more reliable products. Benefiting from strict product testing assurance, Win7 system reloading can continuously output products that can withstand market inspection to create value and service for customers.